Courage & the Bear

Courage and the Bear started as a band and has expanded to a story, and this is how it begins...

"The Bear's rage had carried him through the forest. He found the source of the sound. 

Sitting on a log was a little girl with a guitar. Her small hands plucked at the strings, tiny motions that produced a strange sound. She looked up at his appearance.

The Bear roared. He loped up to her.

Seeing the mountain of flesh descending upon her, the girl did not flinch or shudder.

The Bear raised his paw.

The girl looked up at him and smiled.
“You aren’t going to strike me,” she said firmly.

The paw came down, but then paused. It hung there, frozen in air.

“You aren’t going to strike me,” she repeated.

Snorting, he lowered the paw to his side and backed up a step."

-A collaboration by Dan Newman and Mike Lachance